Face Shields

Testimonial for Flip-Up Face Shield (FS88L)

“During the peak of Melbourne’s Covid lockdown, almost everyone in our industry started to wear some sort of face shields. I have tried a few different ones from our normal dental suppliers. None of them fit that well, and the cover started to disintegrate after a couple of days and by 1 week you couldn’t really see through the plastic very well. But mostly importantly, they really don’t look like they provide enough protection with their flimsy tiny thin layers of plastic.

I was lucky enough to try on this great shield my colleague imported from Taiwan. First of all, it looks big enough to catch all the droplets coming from your patients mouth. The plastic is hard, easy to clean, and still looks pretty good after 3 month. The head circumference is easily adjustable and sits very well. No headache at the end of the day. You can also flip the shield up instead of taking it off which is a bonus. And yes your loupes can usually fit under the shield.

So ever since I saw the amount of craps that landed on the shield instead of my face since this pandemic, I don’t think I will ever do another day of dentistry without wearing a shield from now.”

Dr MK. Dentist at Nunawading

“This shield is very light in weight and can be easily worn all day. I found the coverage better than my last shield, as it has curved edges which prevents splashes from getting in from the bottom of the shield. Compared to my last shield, this shield has no extra attachments at the front and the visor is fully clear which allows a very good vision and peripheral vision. The only downside is that the visor is slightly reflective, however goes away when the dental light is on and does not affect the vision when working on a patient. I would highly recommend it for those considering buying a new shield, it sits very nicely on the head and has a well designed knob for adjusting tightness. It also allows you to rotate the visor up and away from the face without having to remove the shield from the head. Overall it’s very easy and comfortable to use and provides a very good coverage.”

Ms. VL Oral Health Therapist at Bundoora

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